Professional Price Monitoring Tool

Collect, transform and deliver relevant data with minimal delays

Price monitoring is an exhausting and monotone task. We compare it with fishing. Fish may swim away or run off the hook. A fisherman must visit several sites for a good catch. Fish spoils fast. So, the next day whole process repeats. Similarly, it's a challenge to keep competitor’s prices up to date with minimal delay.
Prices stay relevant limited time. To analyze and predict the price dynamics you need to have access to change history. The amount of prices and products is enormous. Each item has several price types, discounts, and campaigns even on the same website, not to mention various competitors.

Our Technology is a key to success!


Our platform collects data from competitor`s website gently with the help of intelligent scheduling algorithms. Each spider has custom code for optimal crawling with minimal traffic


After collecting raw data transforms into normalized structure. Processing module has hundreds of validation patterns for precise transformation


Processed data stores in OLAP DBMS for super-fast report generation and responsive web interface. Each product may have retailed price history for many years

Crawling agents Collector service Storage for raw data

Let's do some real fishing!

Our crawlers are like unmanned fishing vessels that constantly run along a given route tirelessly, without stopping. Collected prices become available for analysis instantly. Quantity is not a problem – every day we collect millions of prices!
We store and index each price carefully for fast access and later use. Processing adjusts difference in charging units, binds similar products, and calculates price rates with deltas.
Real-time database Processing and binding service

Full-on overview tool on your fingertips

Users receive a friendly customizable interface for tracking price dynamics, with indicators and charts. A variety of widgets allow you to precisely configure the dashboard for specific tasks.
Administration portal controls all components of the platform. Most of the operations have automatic modes: optimal parameters are defined by sophisticated algorithms, based on variety of conditions and restrictions. As a result you get a turnkey solution for price monitoring, analysis and reports.
Historical data in OLAP DBMS Administration and User portals


Reception and interpretation of traffic from external website
Automatic binding of similar products
Advanced monitoring with notification
Customized dashboard with different elements for detailed overview

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